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07.10 Episode 142 (#P274)
Airdate: August 15, 2003

SG-1 encounters a group of Jaffa warrior women who request that SG-1 accompany them to their planet. The women call themselves Hak'tyl, meaning "liberation", and have given their planet outpost the same name. Their leader, Ishta, high priestess of Moloc, explains that Moloc has condemned all female newborns to death, and the Hak'tyl have been secretly rescuing the infants and raising an army of female warriors. However, they must raid Jaffa patrols to steal symbiotes for implantation in the young girls at puberty, or they will face death. Young Nesa is approaching the age, and requires a symbiote to live.

Ishta seeks an alliance with SG-1, and Carter offers her tretonin as a way to eliminate the dependence on symbiotes. At first the women refuse to consider the drug, but as Ishta and Teal'c grow to respect each other as worthy adversaries, Ishta relents and asks for volunteers to return to Earth and test the drug. Nesa's older sister, Neith, finds the idea detestable, and refuses the drug for herself or her sister, but Mala and three others volunteer to return with Carter to the SGC. The three women show improvement with the drug, but Mala does not respond well, and despite her courage, she dies.

Daniel strikes a friendship with Nesa and tells her of tretonin. Neith is outraged and gathers support among the warriors to challenge Ishta for leadership. As they engage in battle, Daniel brings word of Mala's death, and both women unite instead in their determination to procure a symbiote for Nesa. Ishta and Neith ambush a Jaffa patrol, but Neith is shot from behind and badly wounded. At the SGC, Neith refuses the tretonin that could save her life, but Nesa has accepted the drug and convinces her sister to choose life. At last, the Hak'tyl come to accept the tretonin, and a new alliance with Earth is forged.

Written by: Christopher Judge
Directed by: Peter F. Woeste

Guest Starring: Jolene Blalock as Ishta, Christine Adams as Mala, Kathleen Duborg as Neith, Kirsten Prout as Nesa, Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser, Simone Bailly as Ka'lel, Nigel Vonas as Ryk'l, Elizabeth Weinstein as Emta, Julie Hill as Ginra, Nikki Smook as Nictal, Cory Martin as Fallen Jaffa, Kimberly Unger as Nurse

Reference: Hak'tyl, Ishta, Jaffa, Joma Secu, Ka'lel, Mala, Mastaba, Neith, Nesa, Nictal, Rebel Jaffa, Ryk'l, Teal'c, Tretonin


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants

Hak'tyl Warriors


  • Thirty years ago, Moloc decreed that only male children would be allowed to live, as only they could strengthen his armies and lead him to victory in the war of the gods. Any female child is to be sacrificed in the ceremony of fire immediately after birth.
  • These Jaffa children have been genetically altered to depend upon symbiotes once they reach the age of "prata", or puberty.
  • The female Jaffa warriors who fight against Moloc refer to their planet and to themselves as "Hak'tyl", which means "liberation".
  • Joma secu - challenge for leadership


  • You don't suppose that's why they want us, do you? I mean, you know, the three of us? [O'Neill]
    To mate with? No, I don't think so. [Daniel]
    Because you know me, I'm all for helping people. [O'Neill]
  • Maybe they just feel more comfortable talking to Sam. [Daniel]
    Why, because we have penises? [O'Neill]
  • As Teal'c would say, undomesticated equines couldn't drag him away. [O'Neill]