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Neith is one of the Hak'tyl warriors who followed Ishta. She had once served Moloc, and bears his tattoo. As a temple priestess, Neith holds a position of authority among the Hak'tyl, and is one of Ishta's second in command. Her father had been a Jaffa stationed high in Moloc's imperial guard. Following Moloc's decree that all female children must be killed, Neith was rescued by Ishta, but she was unable to save two of her sisters, and in her attempt to rescue her youngest sister, Nesa, she was caught and forced to kill her own father to escape.

Neith is fiercely protective of Nesa and highly suspicious of the Tauri, and she found the use of tretonin to be offensive, refusing to accept the drug as an option for herself or her sister. She had claimed Joma Secu, and challenged Ishta for leadership of the Hak'tyl, but the two reunited after Mala's death, and during a raiding party to procure a symbiote for Nesa, Neith was wounded by a staff weapon. It was Nesa who convinced her sister to accept the tretonin to save her life.

Portrayed by: Kathleen Duborg

Cross Reference: Hak'tyl, Ishta, Jaffa, Joma Secu, Ka'lel, Moloc, Nesa, Tretonin

Episode Reference: Birthright