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Although he wore no tattoo, Ba'kal was a Jaffa who carried a symbiote and bore a large scar across his face and left cheek, a sign of his violent past. As a follower of Arkad, whose goal it was to deliver the Jaffa Nation to Origin, Ba'kal was a devout servant of the Ori who believed he would ascend at death and who willingly killed unbelievers. At Arkad's bidding, Ba'kal infiltrated the peaceful Jaffa leadership summit at Dar Eshkalon and planted three explosive devices. The explosions killed 12 warriors, 18 bystanders, and 2 children, 12 more were critically injured, and most of the villagers scattered to the hills. Both Teal'c and Bra'tac were among the injured, and when Teal'c recovered from his injuries, he vowed to avenge the deaths at Dar Eshkalon. Teal'c first confronted Lizan, the unscrupulous arms dealer who had sold the explosives to Ba'kal, and when he captured Ba'kal he tied him up, removed his symbiote, and planted a similar explosive device in the symbiote pouch. When Ba'kal refused to reveal Arkad's name, Teal'c left Ba'kal to explode. Teal'c may have had personal reasons as well to seek his revenge. Arkad had also taken credit for the murder of Teal'c's mother many years before, but Teal'c was certain that if Arkad had been responsible, he was too much of a coward to do it himself. Teal'c declared with satisfaction, "The one who did died by my hand."

Portrayed by: Peter Kent

Cross Reference: Arkad, Dar Eshkalon, Jaffa, Lizan

Episode Reference: Talion