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Carolyn Lam

Dr. Carolyn Lam, the daughter of General Hank Landry and his wife, Kim, was offered the job of Chief Medical Officer at the SGC by General O'Neill, who neglected to clarify that her father would be her superior. As a child, Carolyn had resented Landry's frequent absences from her life due to the demands of his job, and following her parents' divorce, she had had limited contact with her father. Nevertheless, she accepted the new position, and both she and Landry began working at the SGC at about the same time, in the ninth year of the Stargate Program. Carolyn described their working relationship as "bizarre" at first, and, uncertain how long she would remain in the position, she hesitated to make permanent plans, choosing instead to rent a place in nearby Cimarron Hills.

Dr. Lam had worked previously at the CDC, with a specialization in the area of infectious diseases. She had also earned a reputation as an outstanding surgeon. As the head doctor at the SGC, it has been her responsibility to care for the health of both SGC personnel and aliens at the base. She monitored Daniel and Vala as their consciousnesses were linked to Harrid and Sallis in a distant galaxy and when the effects of the Kor Mak bracelets caused them to collapse. She traveled off-world to P8X-412 to offer her assistance to the inhabitants who were stricken by a mysterious and fatal illness, and it was she who coined the name "Prior plague" when the same disease spread to the people of Earth. She performed nine hours of surgery on the Sodan warrior Volnek to save his life, and her skills saved Teal'c's life as well after he was gravely wounded at Dar Eshkalon. She supervised the treatment of Khalek and ran tests to determine the genetic anomalies that were a part of his makeup, she tested the alternate SG teams that were draw from parallel realities due to a ripple effect, and her tests on Orlin determined that despite his normal human form, his brain cells were slowly dying from the strain of retaining the Ancient knowledge.

Despite her initially awkward working relationship with her father, Dr. Lam's experience at the top secret military facility helped her to appreciate the pressures of her father's job when she was growing up, and the two of them began to reconcile. At her father's request, she even acted as an intermediary in helping to reopen communication between her father and her mother after five years of distance between them. She arranged a meeting for the three of them over dinner, helping to heal some of the bitterness of the past.

Portrayed by: Lexa Doig

Cross Reference: Hank Landry, Kim Landry, SGC

Episode Reference: Avalon, Origin, The Ties That Bind, The Powers That Be, Babylon, Prototype, The Fourth Horseman, Ripple Effect, Talion, Family Ties