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Steveston is a small quiet town on the coast of Oregon. An accident at Immunitech Research had led to immature cloned symbiotes taking hosts among the townspeople, resulting in nightwalkers, symbiotes who took control of their hosts only at night and who gathered at the shipyard to build an alien ship to escape from Earth. The suspicious disappearance of scientists Peter Stofer and Richard Flemming, and the destruction of their lab by arson, brought SG-1 to Steveston where they cooperated with Sheriff Knox's investigation and uncovered an NID operation to take possession of the alien ship. SG-1 intervened in time to prevent the further spread of the symbiotes, and they found the means to destroy the symbiotes within the townspeople.

Location: Steveston Village, Richmond

Cross Reference: Adrian Conrad, Agent Cross, Richard Flemming, Sheriff Knox, NID, Nightwalkers, Agent Singer, Gerard Tobin

Episode Reference: Nightwalkers