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Richard Flemming

Dr. Richard Flemming was a biologist, formerly a professor of advanced genetics at Stanford, and famous for developing hybrid strains of disease-resistant corn and cotton. He accepted a position at Immunitech Research, where he worked for two years, and where he and his partner, Peter Stofer, had cloned the Goa'uld symbiote that had been implanted in Adrian Conrad. In a lab accident, Flemming was taken as a host by an immature symbiote which took control of his body only at night, and additional symbiotes took hosts among the townspeople. Seeking help, Flemming contacted Carter just before he mysteriously disappeared. SG-1's investigation into his disappearance led to the discovery of the nightwalkers of Steveston, Oregon, and Flemming's research led to an antibiotic that successfully destroyed the symbiotes within the townspeople.

Portrayed by: Peter Anderson

Cross Reference: Adrian Conrad, Agent Cross, Sheriff Knox, Nightwalkers, Agent Singer, Steveston, Gerard Tobin

Episode Reference: Nightwalkers