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Paul Davis

Major Paul Davis, an Air Force officer assigned to the Pentagon, acts as the liaison between the SGC and the Office of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. He has cooperated with the SGC on a number of missions requiring direct contact with the Pentagon, and has helped to coordinate efforts during certain emergency situations, including the black hole incident, the foothold situation, the invasion by Replicators, the recovery of O'Neill and Teal'c from deep space during the failed test flight of the X-301, the negotiations with the Russians, the asteroid threat, the recovery of Anubis's mothership from Earth's orbit, and the Prometheus incident.

During the foothold incident, Davis was one of the personnel duplicated by the aliens of P3X-118, and the mimic device programmed for his image was also used by Mark Devlin as a disguise in an attempt to assassinate Senator Kinsey. Davis also acted as a liaison on behalf of the Pentagon during the briefing in which the Stargate Program was disclosed to ambassadors from China, France, and the UK. Continuing in his diplomatic role, he headed the somewhat less successful negotiations with the delegates from Amra, until O'Neill took the more drastic step of forcing them to first negotiate with each other. Major Davis and SG-7 also tried to help the Jaffa establish a system of government for the new Jaffa Nation, although he and the Tauri were viewed with suspicion by many among the newly freed Jaffa.

Portrayed by: Colin Cunningham

Cross Reference: AG-3 Defense System, Ambassador from Britain, Ambassador from China, Ambassador from France, Amra, Asteroid, Black Hole, Colonel Chekov, Mark Devlin, Disclosure, Foothold, Robert Kinsey, Mimic Device, Pentagon, Prometheus, Replicators, Russians, Time Travel 3000 BC, X-301

Episode Reference: A Matter of Time, Into the Fire, Foothold, Nemesis, Small Victories, Tangent, Absolute Power, 48 Hours, Fail Safe, Descent, Prometheus, Smoke & Mirrors, Disclosure, Zero Hour, Moebius