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A Matter of Time

02.16 Episode 38 (#8918)
Airdate: January 29, 1999

While attempting to rescue SG-10 from a black hole on P3W-451, the stargate begins to draw power from the black hole itself and cannot be shut down. As the intense gravity field begins warping the space/time continuum and threatens to swallow the entire facility, the Pentagon sends O'Neill's former comrade, Colonel Cromwell, to investigate. Cromwell is tormented by guilt for deserting O'Neill on an earlier mission. As time nearly stands still, Cromwell volunteers to stay behind with O'Neill to save Earth, but he is drawn through the wormhole before an explosive can break the connection and close the gate.

Story by: Misha Rashovich
Teleplay by: Brad Wright
Directed by: Martin Wood

Guest Starring: Marshall Teague as Colonel Frank Cromwell, Teryl Rothery as Dr. Janet Fraiser, Tobias Mehler as Lt. Graham Simmons, Colin Cunningham as Major Davis, Dan Shea as Sergeant Siler, Biski Gugushe as SF Guard, Kurt Max Runte as Major Boyd, Jim Thorburn as Watts

Reference: Authorization Codes, Autodestruct Sequence, Black Hole, Henry Boyd, Frank Cromwell, Paul Davis, NORAD, Jack O'Neill, P3W-451, Planets, Sergeant Siler, Graham Simmons, Stargate, Wormhole Arc


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants

Black Hole


  • Daniel was with SG-6 on a dig on PX3-808.
  • Major Henry Boyd and SG-10 were on a routine exploratory mission to P3W-451, a planet in a binary system, which was in orbit around the companion star of a newly formed black hole. O'Neill recommended Boyd for this command. It was their first mission as a team.
  • The stargate was able to draw power directly from the black hole itself, making it impossible to disengage, even when the main power was cut.
  • According to the Theory of Relativity, near light-speed velocities or extreme gravity will cause time dilation.
  • The gravitational field of the black hole extended through the wormhole, expanding outward like a bubble, and making the time dilation worse as the field expanded, eventually slowing to more than 600% below normal. The warping of space/time occurred in advance of the gravitational field rather than as a result of it, probably due to a lensing effect generated by the stargate, and contradicting known facts and accepted theories about time and gravity.
  • By using a shaped charge and focusing the explosive force toward the stargate, the matter stream was forced to disconnect from P3W-451 and jump to another gate on P2A-870, where it could be shut down.
  • Colonel Frank Cromwell, Air Force Special Operations, used to be a friend of O'Neill's. On a previous mission, O'Neill was hit, Cromwell thought he was dead and made a decision to save the rest of the team, leaving O'Neill behind where he spent four months in an Iraqi prison.
  • The SGC is on sub-level 28 of the Cheyenne Mountain facility. NORAD is on the main level.
  • Major Davis acts as liason to the Joint Chiefs of Staff.
  • O'Neill's authorization code is 81452667.
  • A new trinium-strengthened iris was installed.
  • Due to the time dilation, the two days within the SGC equalled two weeks outside the mountain.


  • What's with the "worm" part? The "worm" thing -- I, I don't get that. [O'Neill]
    That's just a metaphor. [Carter]
    Right, I knew that. [O'Neill]
  • If we don't open the iris... [Carter]
    ...the next thud we hear, will be Henry Boyd's team. [O'Neill]
  • Is that proper military terminology? What, exactly, does "funky" mean, Sergeant? [Cromwell]
  • Will you stop that?! [O'Neill]
    We're in trouble, Sir. [Carter]
    Thank you... Think of something. [O'Neill]
  • Don't even pretend you understood that. [Cromwell]
  • I thought you were on the phone. [O'Neill]
  • Captain, relativity gives me a headache. [Hammond]
  • Man, she is... [Cromwell]
    ...way smarter than we are. I know. [O'Neill]


  • Sweet: 1
  • Injuries:
    • O'Neill: severe injuries from proximity to the exploding shape charge
    • Teal'c: severe electrical burns to the right shoulder