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SG teams visit dozens of planets each week. Additional planets referenced in SG mission logs include the following:

  • Entac
    Entac is a primitive world that had been conquered by Sokar. Under interrogation by Apophis, Martouf named Entac as a base of the Tok'ra resistance in order to protect the real Tok'ra base.
    Episode Reference: The Devil You Know

  • P2A-509
    SG-3, under the command of Major Warren, engaged in a standard recon mission to P2A-509, where they met up with SG-1 after they had escaped from Hadante prison.
    Episode Reference: Prisoners

  • P2X-787
    SG-13 had visited P2X-787 and encountered a particularly scary alien that Bosworth compared to the sonogram image of Well's unborn child.
    Episode Reference: Heroes

  • P3-575
    A standard recon mission to P3-575 was assigned to SG-2 under Kawalsky's command, however, after his death the mission was reassigned to SG-1.
    Episode Reference: The Enemy Within

  • P36-231
    Jonas joined SG-2 on the mission to gather artifacts from P36-231.
    Episode Reference: Allegiance

  • P3A-577
    Among the first planets to be explored, P3A-577 was scheduled for a standard recon mission by SG-1, concurrent with SG-2's scheduled mission to P3-575. After Kawalsky's death, SG-1 was assigned both missions.
    Episode Reference: The Enemy Within

  • P3C-117
    SG-5 prepared to embark on a standard recon mission to P3C-117.
    Episode Reference: The Nox

  • P3K-447
    A candidate interviewing for a position on SG-1 was fluent in several languages including the yet-unnamed language of the cave people of P3K-447.
    Episode Reference: Avalon

  • P3X-298
    Daniel had obtained a mask fragment from P3X-298 that was carbon dated to match the pre-dynastic period of Egypt on Earth.
    Episode Reference: Heroes

  • P3X-595
    On SG-1's mission to P3X-595, Carter drank something that made her take off something embarrassing.
    Episode Reference: Emancipation

  • P4C-796
    SG-2 was preparing for a standard recon mission to P4C-796 when the gate was shut down after Teal'c became trapped in the stargate matrix.
    Episode Reference: 48 Hours

  • P4F-221
    A mining team was able to return from P4F-221 as off-world teams were recalled after the Avenger virus began shutting down the stargate network.
    Episode Reference: Avenger 2.0

  • P4M-523
    During the virtual reality training scenario, SG-1 dialed P4M-523, a presumably uninhabited planet, in order to send the naquadah generator through before it could overload and destroy the base.
    Episode Reference: Avatar

  • P4S-559
    Daniel translated a number of artifacts from P4S-559.
    Episode Reference: The Ties That Bind

  • P4X-131
    Among the artifacts and treasures which had been brought to Jonas's office for study were a number of items made of gold from P4X-131.
    Episode Reference: Forsaken

  • P5C-629
    Planet P5C-629 lies in the corridor of space the Goa'uld use to reach Earth. The "Seeker Project" was intended to monitor that area of space for Goa'uld ships that would leave a footprint even at thrust beyond lightspeed.
    Episode Reference: Thor's Chariot

  • P8F-809
    SG-2 prepared for their debriefing after their recent mission to P8F-809.
    Episode Reference: Zero Hour

  • P8X-362
    SG-4 prepared to embark on a standard recon mission to P8X-362.
    Episode Reference: Fire and Water

  • PX3-808
    Daniel joined SG-6 on an archaeological dig on PX3-808.
    Episode Reference: A Matter of Time

Cross Reference: SG Teams

Episode Reference: The Enemy Within, Emancipation, The Nox, Fire and Water, Prisoners, Thor's Chariot, A Matter of Time, The Devil You Know, 48 Hours, Allegiance, Forsaken, Avenger 2.0, Heroes, Zero Hour, Avatar, Avalon, The Ties That Bind