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The Nox

01.08 Episode 8 (#3953)
Airdate: September 12, 1997

Searching for the legendary invisible Fenri, SG-1 gates to P3X-774 where they encounter Apophis, also seeking the creature. In an ambush, SG-1 is killed, only to be revived by the Nox, the whimsical fairy-like inhabitants with mystical powers. It is they who make the Fenri invisible, and they can revive the dead. However, the peaceful people refuse to accept SG-1's offer of help to defend against the threat of the Goa'uld. For appearances can be deceiving, and the Nox reveal that their simple ways are far beyond either the Goa'uld or the "young" people of Earth.

Written by: Hart Hanson
Directed by: Charles Correll

Guest Starring: Armin Shimerman as Anteaus, Peter Williams as Apophis, Ray Xifo as Ohper, Gary Jones as Technician, Frida Betrani as Lya, Terry David Mulligan as David Swift, Addison Ridge as Nafrayu, Michasa Armstrong as Shak'l, Zoran Vukelic as Jaffa

Reference: Anteaus, Anti-Gravity, Apophis, Fenri, Force Field, Invisibility, Lya, Nafrayu, Nox, Ohper, P3X-774, Planets, Ritual of Life, Shak'l, Shol'va, David Swift, Tranquilizer


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants



  • Secretary of Defense David Swift visited the facility to observe the deployment of SG-5 to P3C-117.
  • To this point, SGC has visited 19 separate worlds.
  • Both the Goa'uld and SGC have a homing device to locate the stargate if separated from it.
  • Fenri is a large flying creature native to the planet believed to have powers of invisibility.
  • Teal'c was once ordered to retrieve the fenri for Apophis but failed and lost 2 men as punishment.
  • Shak'l served under Teal'c when he was First Prime of Apophis.
  • Apophis has acquired a personal force field shield, the power of which is proportional to the velocity used against it.
  • Dal Shakka Mel: "I die free."
  • Ohper, among the oldest of the Nox, is 432 years old.
  • The Nox possess a level of technology far above Earth and the Goa'uld, including the ability to control molecular structure at will, creating the effect of invisibility, and the ability to create floating cities that defy gravity.
  • The Ritual of Life is a ceremony in which the dead can be revived. During the ceremony, the Nox are unable to maintain invisibility.
  • The Nox intend to bury the stargate, making return impossible.


  • Hover? Like a hummingbird? [Daniel]
    With teeth. [Teal'c]
  • Okay, well, I thought heaven would be a little more upscale. [Daniel]
  • Wasn't I just killed? Killed as in... dead?
    Well, this is a surprise then. [O'Neill]
  • Sorry to drop in on you like this, but we were... dead. [O'Neill]
  • Carter... [Nafrayu]
    No... You can't keep him. [O'Neill]
  • We're not afraid. [Anteaus]
    Well get afraid! [O'Neill]
  • Maybe one day you will learn that your way is not the only way. [Anteaus]
  • The very young do not always do as they're told. [Anteaus, also O'Neill]


  • Teal'c saved by his symbiote: healed the knife wound
  • Injuries:
    • O'Neill: killed by a staff weapon and revived
    • Carter: killed by a staff weapon and revived
    • Daniel: killed by a staff weapon and revived
    • Teal'c: knife wound to the lower abdomen