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Shak'l was a Jaffa and Serpent Guard in the service of Apophis. When Teal'c had been the First Prime of Apophis, Shak'l had served under Teal'c's command. In an encounter with SG-1 on the Nox homeworld, he was killed by Teal'c, but revived by the Nox. However, he stabbed Lya and made his escape, betraying the Nox to Apophis. He hoped to replace Teal'c as First Prime, but he was killed by Teal'c in a second encounter on Cartago.

Portrayed by: Michasa Armstrong

Cross Reference: Apophis, Cartago, Jaffa, Lya, Nox, Serpent Guard

Episode Reference: The Nox, Cor-ai