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The Nox, a peaceful and highly advanced race native to P3X-774, are one of the members of the Ancient Alliance of four great races. Humanoid, but more advanced than anything that evolved on Earth, they possess a level of technology far beyond that of Earth or the Goa'uld, including the ability to create the effect of invisibility, to build floating cities, and to activate the stargate by thought alone. The Nox are peaceful, and defend themselves through illusion and mastery of the mind. Through their Ritual of Life, they can revive the dead. SG-1 first encountered the Nox while searching for the fenri on P3X-774, and they were revived from death by a Nox family after they had been killed by Apophis. Following SG-1's departure, the Nox intended to bury their stargate, making return impossible, however SG-1 has since encountered the Nox as allies to the Tollans and the Asgard.

Cross Reference: Ancient Alliance, Anteaus, Anti-Gravity, Fenri, Fifth Race, Invisibility, Lya, Nafrayu, Ohper, P3X-774, Ritual of Life, Shak'l, Tollans

Episode Reference: The Nox, Enigma, Pretense