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The Tollans fled their homeworld of Tollan when the planet was destroyed by volcanic activity due to an orbital shift. They relocated to Tollana, a new homeworld originally outside the gate system, where they constructed their own stargate and rebuilt their society of modern cities.

The Tollans are a highly advanced race, and their technology includes space travel, interstellar communication, and devices to monitor health, record emotions, generate holographic images, or produce unlimited energy. They have the technology to build their own stargate, they use security devices which can detect and disable any form of weaponry, and they use a defense network of powerful ion cannons which can destroy a mothership in orbit. Their trinium-based phase-shift technology allows objects to pass through solid matter, and they have mastered quilebrium physics, a discipline similar to quantum physics, which is considered by the Tollans to be a "misconception of elementary science." However, because of the events which led to the destruction of Tollan, the Tollans do not share their technology with other races.

The Tollans are governed by a representative Curia, led by High Chancellor Travell, they use a system of justice known as triad, and they have formal diplomatic relations with the Nox, Tok'ra, and Earth. Their civilization is peaceful, crime is rare, and they had not been at war for many generations. However, overconfidence in their superior technology had led to isolationist ways and an inability to think strategically. When the Goa'uld developed shields impervious to the Tollan ion cannon, Tollana became vulnerable. Threatened with their own destruction, the Tollans were forced to reconsider their isolationist ways and proposed trade with Earth, offering as many as 38 ion cannons in exchange for trinium. To save their planet, the Curia submitted to the Goa'uld and built weapons of mass destruction based on phase-shift technology that the Goa'uld intended to use against Earth's iris. However, when the Tollans refused to cooperate in the destruction of Earth, Tanith, in the service of Anubis, attacked Tollana instead, and the final transmission from Tollana reported widespread destruction and failing defenses. The fate of the Tollans is unknown.

Cross Reference: Detachment Device, Holographic Projection, Ion Cannon, Klorel, Lya, Narim, Nox, Omoc, Schrödinger, Skaara, Sub-Space Transmitter, Tanith, Tollan, Tollana, Tollan Phase-Shift Technology, Travell, Triad, Trinium, Weapons Disabler, Zipacna

Episode Reference: Enigma, Pretense, Shades of Grey, Between Two Fires