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High Chancellor Travell was the head of the Curia, the highest governing body of Tollana. She welcomed formal diplomatic relations with Earth, however she staunchly refused to share Tollan technology. She presided over the triad to determine the fate of Skaara and Klorel, and when technology was being stolen by the NID off-world operation, she approached the SGC and demanded that the rogue teams be apprehended. When Anubis developed shields impervious to Tollan weapons, Travell and the Curia were forced to submit to the threats of the Goa'uld, which led to the destruction of Tollana. Her fate is unknown.

Portrayed by: Marie Stillin

Cross Reference: Lya, Narim, Omoc, Tanith, Tollana, Tollans, Triad, Zipacna

Episode Reference: Pretense, Shades of Grey, Between Two Fires