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Lya, the wife of Anteaus and a member of the Nox, helped to revive SG-1 when they were killed by Apophis on P3X-774. She also helped to restore Shak'l, but was fatally stabbed by him, and revived again by the Ritual of Life.

When the Tollans sought a new homeworld after the destruction of Tollan, Lya came to Earth to welcome the Tollan refugees to join the Nox. At the request of the Tollans, she participated as the third neutral archon in the triad to determine the fate of Skaara and Klorel, and she found in favor of Skaara. Although a strict pacifist, she used powers of invisibility to conceal an ion cannon from the Goa'uld, thus preventing Tollana's destruction by a Goa'uld mothership.

Portrayed by: Frida Betrani

Cross Reference: Anteaus, Fenri, Klorel, Nafrayu, Narim, Nox, Ohper, P3X-774, Ritual of Life, Shak'l, Skaara, Tollans, Travell, Triad

Episode Reference: The Nox, Enigma, Pretense