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Narim was among the Tollan refugees who were rescued from the destruction of Tollan by SG-1. He developed a fondness for Carter, and he accepted her gift of a cat named Schrödinger. He settled on the new Tollan homeworld of Tollana, and became a spokesman in diplomatic relations with the planet. He requested the presence of SG-1 at the triad for Skaara, and he alerted the SGC to possible dangers following the death of Omoc. When Anubis and Tanith threatened Tollana, Narim cooperated with SG-1, risking his life and his planet to oppose the Goa'uld, which brought the wrath of the Goa'uld upon his homeworld. Tanith led the attack on Tollana, and the fate of Narim and the Tollans is unknown.

Portrayed by: Garwin Sanford

Cross Reference: Samantha Carter, Lya, Omoc, Schrödinger, Tanith, Tollan, Tollana, Tollans, Travell, Triad, Zipacna

Episode Reference: Enigma, Pretense, Between Two Fires