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Brief Candle

01.09 Episode 9 (#3957)
Airdate: September 19, 1997

SG-1 travels to Argos where they find a civilization of beautiful happy people who worship the Greek god Pelops and celebrate all day, but mysteriously drop to sleep at dusk. More mysteriously, they age very rapidly. A lifespan is only 100 days. When O'Neill, too, begins to age at an alarming rate, SG-1 discovers the cause. Nanocytes, microscopic robots spread through the bloodstream, were part of Pelops' cruel experiment on the population. The team has only days to find a way to deactivate the nanocytes and prevent their deadly effect on both O'Neill and the Argosians.

Story by: Steven Barnes
Teleplay by: Katharyn Powers
Directed by: Mario Azzopardi

Guest Starring: Bobbie Phillips as Kynthia, Teryl Rothery as Dr. Fraiser, Harrison Coe as Alekos, Gabrielle Miller as Thetys, Gary Jones as Technician

Reference: Alekos, Argos, Argosians, Hazmat, Kynthia, Nano-Technology, Nano-Virus, Pelops, Tablet and PTD, Thetys


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants



  • The god Pelops, a Mycenaean herald, fought from a winged chariot hurling lightning bolts.
  • Pelops "The Creator" "The Giver of Days" was a Goa'uld who brought the ancestors of the Chosen to Argos to study human physiology and evolution.
  • The self replicating mechanical nano-virus is spread through bodily contact. When triggered by a transmitter signal, it accelerates the life span approximately 250 times (1 day = 1 year). Without the transmitter signal, the immune system destroys the virus.
  • Thetys is 21 days old, Kynthia 31 days, O'Neill gives his age as 40, and accelerates to the equivalent of 90 years, but recovers in 1-2 weeks.
  • Goa'uld tablet and page turning device contains writing resembling linear "A" script pictographs found in ancient Greece and Cretan.
  • Daniel learned midwifery on a dig in the Yucatan and has delivered 2 babies.
  • Carter studied nano-technology for a year at the Pentagon.


  • You never cease to amaze me with all your talents. [O'Neill]
  • I thought you said it was Greek. [O'Neill]
    Oh, Mycenae was an ancient city in the southern Peloponnesus region. [Daniel]
    Where's that? [O'Neill]
    Greece. [Daniel]
    Why do I do that?? [O'Neill]
  • It's a paradise. [Carter]
    Yeah, sure, have an apple. What could happen? [O'Neill]
  • It is only for you... [Kynthia, and Daniel]
  • Don't keep the elderly waiting. It's rude. [O'Neill]
  • I don't need company, I need a cure. And don't you dare say goodbye, 'cause you damn well better be coming back. Soon. [O'Neill]
  • Don't worry. Aside from a little prostate problem we won't go into, it's not so bad. [O'Neill]
  • I was kind of looking forward to a little shuffleboard with the fellas. [O'Neill]


  • For crying out loud: 1
  • Kids: 1
  • Injuries:
    • O'Neill: drugged and infected with nano-virus, aging to 90 years
  • Popular Culture References:
    • Wyatt Earp
      • The cure could be as simple as just getting the hell out of Dodge.