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SG-1 has used tranquilizer darts, usually fired from a rifle, to subdue an enemy without injury. Tranquilizer darts were used on the base against SGC personnel who had been affected by Hathor's mind control, and to administer the antidote to the Touched in the Land of Light. The tranquilizer darts intended for the fenri made effective weapons against Apophis because, when fired using a bow, they were capable of penetrating the personal force field shield. Tranquilizer darts were used in an attempt to capture Osiris without injuring the host. Although the first attempt was not effective, and Osiris was able to escape from Earth, the second attempt, fired from a rifle, did penetrate her personal shield and render her unconscious. A similar attempt was made to capture a Kull Warrior alive, however two tranquilizer darts had no effect, and the Warrior was able to escape the force field trap.

Cross Reference: Force Field, Weapons

Episode Reference: The Broca Divide, The Nox, Hathor, The Curse, Evolution, Chimera