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The top secret Stargate Program was initially known only to the President and Joint Chiefs of Staff. However, through both deliberate disclosure and unintentional security leaks, the program has come to the attention of several allies and a few enemies, such as rogue elements within the NID. After the Russians recovered the alpha stargate from the bottom of the Pacific Ocean, they established their own short lived program which was eventually shut down in favor of full cooperation with the US program and an agreement for shared technology. As Anubis's rise to power presented an even greater threat to Earth, the United States sought the international cooperation of other allies, and invited Colonel Chekov of Russia, and ambassadors from Britain, China, and France, to a meeting at the Pentagon to be given background on the Stargate Program and to form a coalition to defend Earth against the Goa'uld. Canada was also included as an ally and was one of the nations contacted when Anubis's fleet prepared to destroy Earth. The allied nations signed the Gate Alliance Treaty, a document which made the signatories partners in the Stargate Program and which promised that all off-world technologies would be shared. The alliance eventually led to the creation of the International Oversight Advisory, a committee of representatives from the allied nations which oversees Stargate operations.

Cross Reference: Ambassador from Britain, Ambassador from China, Ambassador from France, Colonel Chekov, Paul Davis, Gate Alliance Treaty, International Oversight Advisory, Pentagon, Russians, SGC

Episode Reference: Watergate, Disclosure, Lost City