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Gate Alliance Treaty

When the Stargate Program was disclosed to representatives from Russia, Britain, China, and France during its sixth year of operation, the nations signed an agreement known as the Gate Alliance Treaty. The document made all the signatories de facto partners in the Stargate Program and promised that all off-world technologies would be shared. The original agreement did not exclude military technologies, but while the US government made great strides in the field of military technology in the subsequent years, much of the shared technology was limited to that of a non-military nature. While this situation was to be expected as long as the Stargate Program remained under the control of the US military, it did not sit well with several of the allies, in particular China, who felt left out in the cold where military advancements were concerned. As the Chinese government grew more impatient, they sought ways to apply pressure on the US and even made an unsuccessful move to take control of the Program themselves. However, the fragile alliance has remained intact as the International Oversight Advisory, a committee of representatives from each of the participating nations, has had an ever increasing role in the operation of the Stargate Program.

Cross Reference: Disclosure, International Oversight Advisory

Episode Reference: The Scourge, Morpheus