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10.02 Episode 196
Airdate: July 21, 2006

The SGC's only hope to defeat the Ori seems to be Merlin's Ancient weapon capable of destroying ascended beings. When Daniel's research uncovers an address for Vagon Brei, a legendary planet associated with the Sangreal, SG-1 departs immediately, but Vala is ordered to stay behind to undergo a psychiatric evaluation. On the misty, eerie world, SG-1 and the team find records of a mysterious sleeping sickness and a village of skeletons who seem to have died in their beds. However, when Ackerman falls asleep and cannot be awakened, it becomes apparent that they all suffer from the same infection, and if they fall asleep, they may not wake up.

Vala meets with Dr. Hutchison, who will determine her fitness for the SGC, but Vala's attempts to outwit the ink blots and polygraph only complicate the evaluation. Discouraged, she is approached by Woolsey, who offers her a place at the SGC in exchange for providing inside information to the IOA. Meanwhile, on Vagon Brei, Mitchell and Teal'c explore a nearby cave for clues as Carter and Dr. Reimer conduct medical tests which reveal a microscopic parasite that feeds on melatonin and grows dramatically in the brain, killing the host. When Dr. Reimer suddenly dies of a heart attack, the team must depend on each other to stay awake and find a cure.

In the cave, Mitchell and Teal'c find a lizard which seems to have a natural immunity to the illness, and Teal'c manages to capture the elusive creature. As the team slips ever closer to an endless sleep, a hazmat team arrives to return them to the SGC, where the alien creature and Dr. Reimer's research provide the key to a serum that will kill the parasite. The team recovers, but an angry and hurt Vala insists she is leaving Earth, until she is informed that she has passed her test. Woolsey's offer was part of the test, and she has proven herself trustworthy. As a probationary member of the SGC, she is anxious to celebrate, and to gather her share of the "loot."

Written by: Joseph Mallozzi and Paul Mullie
Directed by: Andy Mikita

Guest Starring: Robert Picardo as Richard Woolsey, Ben Ratner as Dr. Hutchison, Robin Mossley as Dr. Reimer, Patrick Gilmore as Ackerman, Toby Berner as Grimsby, Chris Bradford as Medical Technician

Reference: Bernard Ackerman, Gate Alliance Treaty, Dr. Grimsby, Hazmat, Dr. Hutchison, International Oversight Advisory, Vala Mal Doran, Radio, Dr. Reimer, Sleeping Sickness, UTD, Vagon Brei, Vagon Brei Lizard, Vagon Brei Parasite, Richard Woolsey


Destinations & Inhabitants

Vagon Brei

Destinations & Inhabitants

No Living Inhabitants

Destinations & Inhabitants

Vagon Brei Parasite


  • Sir Gawain was a knight of the Round Table. In one of his earliest incarnations, an old Welsh tale, he went on a quest to help rescue a lost love. The legend says that Sir Gawain, aka Gwalchmei, visited several lands over the course of his adventure, including a place called Gwlad gan brenhinol gwir, which is Welsh for "the land of royal truth." Translated into Ancient it becomes "Verus Gen Bree," or Vagon Brei.
  • A reference from Merlin's library dedicated to Gawain's adventures includes a depiction of a sword he once carried, and the symbols engraved on the blade are the gate address to Vagon Brei: 3-8-2-12-19-30
  • According to legend, a cave overlooking the village on Vagon Brei was once home to Morgan Le Fay. In Arthurian myth, Morgan was a powerful sorceress, King Arthur's half-sister and an adversary of Merlin. She was a purported magic-user, like Merlin, and was likely once ascended. The villagers believed the sleeping sickness that wiped out the population was Morgan's curse for revealing her whereabouts when King Arthur and his knights came looking for her.
  • Camelot is also designated as PX1-767.
  • Six more worlds have fallen to the Ori in 8 days, two of which are Jaffa strongholds. According to those who witnessed the battle the enemy was led by a young woman of extraordinary powers.
  • Vala is now a probationary member of Stargate Command.
  • Vagon Brei coordinates: 3-8-2-12-19-30


  • I got it! I made the connection! Sir Gawain to Gwalchmei. Culhwch and Olwen. Verus Gen Bree. [Daniel]
    And you say I'm hard to understand. [Carter]
  • That's when it hit me: Sir Gawain. [Daniel]
    Wasn't he one of the knights who says "Ni"? [Mitchell]
  • This place is deader than a Texas salad bar. [Mitchell]
  • I am starting to regret staying up late to watch "Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo" last night. Check that, I regretted it almost immediately. [Mitchell]


  • Injuries:
    • Mitchell: infected by a microscopic parasite causing sleeping sickness
    • Carter: infected by a microscopic parasite causing sleeping sickness
    • Daniel: infected by a microscopic parasite causing sleeping sickness
    • Teal'c: infected by a microscopic parasite causing sleeping sickness
  • Popular Culture References:
    • Monty Python and the Holy Grail
      • Wasn't he one of the knights who says "Ni"?
    • Blade Runner
      • "You are in the desert. You see a tortoise lying on his back in the hot sun. You recognize his plight but do nothing to help. Why?" Hmm... Why... Because you are also a tortoise.
    • Captain Marvel
      • Shazam!
    • Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo
      • I am starting to regret staying up late to watch "Deuce Bigelow: European Gigolo" last night. Check that, I regretted it almost immediately.