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Dr. Reimer

Dr. Reimer was a member of the SGC medical staff, and he was called in as support for SG-1's mission to Vagon Brei to investigate the mysterious deaths of the population in their sleep. He cooperated closely with Carter in their makeshift lab on the planet, and he discovered a microscopic parasite in a soil sample taken from a nearby cave. Following the death of Dr. Ackerman, Reimer and Carter performed an autopsy and determined that the cause of death was a brain aneurysm. Reimer theorized that the normally dormant microscopic parasite became active in the presence of live tissue, entered the bloodstream, and lodged in the brain, then gorged itself on melatonin, growing hundreds of times in size until the victim died from the damage to the brain tissue. Dr. Reimer and the other members of the team had also been infected and were taking amphetamines to counteract the powerful urge to sleep. Reimer and Carter were searching for a way to cure the illness by starving the parasite, but Reimer suffered a heart attack, probably induced by the effects of the parasite. Despite attempts to revive him with a defibrillator, Dr. Reimer died on Vagon Brei.

Portrayed by: Robin Mossley

Cross Reference: Bernard Ackerman, Dr. Grimsby, Sleeping Sickness, Vagon Brei, Vagon Brei Lizard, Vagon Brei Parasite

Episode Reference: Morpheus