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Dr. Grimsby

Dr. Grimsby is a member of the SGC medical staff who was called in as support for SG-1's mission to Vagon Brei to investigate the mysterious deaths of the population in their sleep. He had been working double shifts and had been awake for over 40 hours straight, which made him particularly susceptible to the parasite on the planet that caused the sleeping sickness. In spite of taking powerful doses of amphetamines in an attempt to stay awake, he was the second person on the team to succumb to the illness, and he slipped into a deep sleep from which he could not be awakened. The SGC was able to synthesize a serum to destroy the parasite, and Grimsby may have been able to recover from the illness.

Portrayed by: Toby Berner

Cross Reference: Bernard Ackerman, Dr. Reimer, Sleeping Sickness, Vagon Brei, Vagon Brei Lizard, Vagon Brei Parasite

Episode Reference: Morpheus