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Bernard Ackerman

Dr. Bernard Ackerman was a member of the SGC medical staff. He had been off-world distributing inoculations when he was called in as support for SG-1's mission to Vagon Brei to investigate the mysterious deaths of the population in their sleep. Having worked a double shift without sleep for 18 hours, Ackerman was suffering from exhaustion and was the first of the team to succumb to the sleeping sickness that had affected the population. Ackerman slipped into a deep coma-like sleep and within hours he was dead. Carter and Reimer performed an autopsy and were able to determine that a microscopic parasite had been responsible for Ackerman's death. The parasite had entered his brain and gorged itself on melatonin, growing in size until it had reached more than an inch in length and caused a ruptured aneurysm near the pineal gland. The findings of Carter and Reimer eventually helped to develop a cure for the illness.

Portrayed by: Patrick Gilmore

Cross Reference: Dr. Grimsby, Dr. Reimer, Sleeping Sickness, Vagon Brei, Vagon Brei Lizard, Vagon Brei Parasite

Episode Reference: Morpheus