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Dr. Hutchison

Dr. Hutchison, a member of the SGC personnel, was called to administer a psychiatric evaluation of Vala to determine if she was fit to be a member of the SGC. Considering the test to be a battle of wits and determined to make a good impression, Vala attempted to "study" for her examination by doing research in advance on the internet, and she came to the evaluation prepared with a litany of psychobabble. Throughout the evaluation, which included an interview, a polygraph, and several standard psychiatric tests, Dr. Hutchison's patience was tested by Vala's attempts to please, particularly when her responses to the ink blot test included "courage," "respect," and "kindness." Nevertheless, he gave her passing marks, believing that she showed a lot of potential.

Portrayed by: Ben Ratner

Cross Reference: Vala Mal Doran, SGC

Episode Reference: Morpheus