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Anna was a human-Goa'uld hybrid, created artificially in a lab by Dr. Keffler as part of an NID rogue operation. Keffler's goal had been to create a human with access to the Goa'uld genetic memory. When ancient Egyptian artifacts recovered from the Nazis included a canopic jar containing the preserved symbiote of the Goa'uld Sekhmet, Keffler had spliced a human ovum with DNA taken from the Goa'uld and used nano-technology from Area 51 to artificially age the fetus. After more than 45 failures, he succeeded in creating Anna, a human woman who appeared to be about 20 but was no more than three years old.

Anna had lived her entire life in a glass cage in the Los Angeles warehouse where a laboratory had been maintained by a rogue NID sleeper cell. Knowing that the Goa'uld DNA would eventually overwrite the human DNA, which would cause Anna to face a horrible and painful death, Keffler had placed a capsule of biotoxin at the base of her brain which he could activate with a remote control device to prevent undue suffering when the time came. The remote control device was also capable of inflicting pain, and Keffler had used electrocution and sensory deprivation as means of torture to force Goa'uld memories to the surface. As her mind accessed the Goa'uld knowledge in frightening images that she expressed in disturbing drawings, Anna began to experience blackouts with increasing frequency, and Sekhmet unexpectedly began to emerge as a separate and distinct personality of which Anna had no memory.

Sekhmet was unable to maintain control of the body for extended periods, but Keffler used the remote to give her temporary control and released her from her cell as a means of eliminating other scientists who threatened to shut down his research. Agent Barrett and SG-1 were called to the scene after Sekhmet had murdered 32 people and activated the countdown on a naquadah-enhanced explosive device in an elaborate ark among the artifacts. Anna had no memory of the rampage, but as she tried to cooperate with Daniel's interrogation, her drawings provided the solution to disarm the naquadah device. Sekhmet emerged once more, escaped from her cell, and retrieved both a weapon and the remote control device. However, it was Anna who confronted Keffler, and for the evil he had created in her, she killed him with a machine gun, and used the remote to take her own life.

Portrayed by: Kristen Dalton

Cross Reference: Malcolm Barrett, Clones, Dr. Keffler, Nano-Technology, Nano-Virus, NID Rogue Operation, Sekhmet, Sekhmet's Ark

Episode Reference: Resurrection