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Sekhmet was a Goa'uld who had once been a powerful ally of Ra. He would routinely dispatch her to rule planets in his stead, to quell rebellions, and oversee mass executions. It is believed she eventually turned against Ra and was exiled for plotting against him. Many artifacts belonging to Sekhmet were discovered in Egypt, probably during the time of Napoleon. These were later recovered by the Nazis, and eventually fell into the hands of Dr. Keffler. Among them were an ark, adorned with the golden motif of Ra, and a canopic jar containing the preserved symbiote of Sekhmet.

Keffler, while conducting genetic research for a rogue NID sleeper cell, spliced the Goa'uld DNA to a human ovum and created Anna, a human-Goa'uld hybrid. However, unexpectedly, Sekhmet began to emerge as a separate and distinct personality, and in a rampage intended to force Keffler to give her complete control of Anna's body, she murdered 32 scientists and activated the countdown on a naquadah-enhanced explosive device in the ark among the artifacts. It was Anna, however, who finally regained control and confronted Keffler, her creator, whom she killed before taking her own life.

Portrayed by: Kristen Dalton

Cross Reference: Anna, Goa'uld, Dr. Keffler, Nefertem, Sekhmet's Ark

Episode Reference: Resurrection