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Krista James

Krista James lived in apartment 402, next door to Teal'c's first apartment after he had moved off base. She developed a friendship with Teal'c, and learned the martial art form of Lok'nel from him. She was involved in an abusive relationship with her boyfriend, Doug, and when he became violent during an argument, she acted in self defense, accidentally killing him. The incident was witnessed by members of the Trust who used the opportunity to frame Teal'c for the murder and to kidnap Krista and threaten her life in order to force Daniel to translate the command codes they needed. She was released when the members of the Trust escaped, and both she and Teal'c were cleared of murder charges.

Portrayed by: Erica Durance

Cross Reference: Brooks, Mrs. Conners, Doug, Eric, Hoskins, Jennings, Richard Kendrick, Lok'nel, Trust

Episode Reference: Affinity