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Weaver was an agent of the Trust who worked for Charlotte Mayfield, the vice president of Farrow-Marshall. Charlotte was in reality the Goa'uld Athena, and after she had arranged for the kidnapping of Vala, the former host to Qetesh, Weaver and his partner Kakalios where given the task of probing Vala's subconscious memories for information about the Clava Thessara Infinitas. When the warehouse where Vala was being held was raided by SG teams, Weaver was shot by a zat gun during the firefight. An explosion in the warehouse during the raid claimed 12 victims, and Weaver was the only Trust operative to survive. He was brought back to the SGC for questioning, but he refused to cooperate until he could be promised protection. Despite his bravado, however, when he was left alone in the room with Teal'c for only a few moments, he was surprisingly forthcoming.

Portrayed by: Brendan Beiser

Cross Reference: Athena, Devon, Kakalios, Charlotte Mayfield, Trust

Episode Reference: Memento Mori