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Athena is the Greek goddess of war, a minor player among the Goa'uld who rose to mid-tier status by pursuing alliances with more powerful rivals such as Cronus, Camulus, Svarog, and even Anubis when he was first banished by the System Lords. She had also once been allied with Qetesh, the Goa'uld who had taken Vala as a host. The two had partnered to search for the Clava Thessara Infinitas, the "Key to Infinite Treasure," which according to legend will allow he who possesses it entry to a vast storehouse of riches hidden away by the Ancients prior to their ascension. Although they had never found the legendary tablet, Qetesh wanted Athena to think that she had possession of it, and the two became bitter rivals.

Following the infiltration of the Trust by the Goa'uld, Athena allied herself with Ba'al, and both came to Earth. Ba'al had become the de facto head of the Trust's operations, and Athena took on the role of Charlotte Mayfield, the vice president of Farrow-Marshall, a Trust-infiltrated corporation. However, Athena's partnership with Ba'al on Earth was more than just her latest power play. Her position within the Trust afforded her considerable resources, and she had been waiting for the opportunity to capture Vala ever since Vala had joined the SGC. Athena arranged the kidnapping of Vala with the intention of using Goa'uld memory technology to probe Vala's subconscious mind for traces of Qetesh's genetic memory. In doing so, she hoped to discover at last the code to the Ancient Clava Thessara Infinitas. However, as Trust operatives subjected Vala to the painful memory probe, SG units stormed the building, and Vala escaped. Her attempts to recapture Vala failed, and Athena is still at large.

Portrayed by: Sonya Salomaa

Cross Reference: Ba'al, Clava Thessara Infinitas, Devon, Farrow-Marshall, Goa'uld, Kakalios, Vala Mal Doran, Charlotte Mayfield, Qetesh, Trust, Val, Weaver

Episode Reference: Ex Deus Machina, Memento Mori