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Farrow-Marshall is an aeronautics firm headquartered in Bethesda, Maryland. It is closely associated with Stark Consortium, Far East Mercantile, Alaraph Pharmaceuticals, Hammel Technologies, and Procyon Media Enterprises, and it counts the Department of Defense as its biggest client. Edison, Virginia, a little town with a population of 3,012, was home to one of Farrow-Marshall's plants which employed about 800 of the local residents until it was shut down, but six months after the closure the locals noticed ongoing activity at the site. When Alex Jameson, the Chief Financial Officer of Farrow-Marshall, went missing at the same time a dead Jaffa turned up on a nearby highway, SG-1 was called in to investigate, and Carter met with Charlotte Mayfield, Farrow-Marshall's vice president, who denied any suspicious activity.

Since the infiltration of the Trust by the Goa'uld approximately six months earlier, Trust operatives had been taking control of government agencies and corporations worldwide. When Ba'al arrived on Earth, he took control of Farrow-Marshall, which had become a Trust-operated facility, and as he launched a series of corporate acquisitions and consolidations, he became the de facto head of Trust operations on Earth. Charlotte Mayfield, his vice president, was in fact the Goa'uld Athena, who had allied herself with Ba'al, and Alex Jameson had himself been taken as a host.

Gerak, the Jaffa leader, sent his Jaffa to Earth to capture Ba'al. They launched a late night incursion into Farrow-Marshall headquarters, but although the Jaffa raid took Tobias, an employee working overtime in the offices, by surprise, both Ba'al and Athena escaped the attack. Farrow-Marshall and its subsidiaries remain under investigation by the CIA and NID.

Cross Reference: Athena, Ba'al, Gerak, Alex Jameson, Charlotte Mayfield, Tobias, Trust

Episode Reference: Ex Deus Machina