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Alex Jameson

Alex Jameson was the Chief Financial Officer of Farrow-Marshall, an aeronautics firm with a plant near Edison, Virginia. When the Trust was infiltrated by the Goa'uld, Farrow-Marshall became one of the corporations to fall under the Trust's control, and Alex Jameson was taken as a Goa'uld host. His wife, Sheila, noticed a change in his personality as Jameson became cold and distant. Suspecting an affair, she hired a private investigator, but after taking some initial pictures, the investigator quit two days later, visibly shaken, and he returned her money, urging her to drop the investigation.

Approximately six months after the personality changes were first noted, Jameson told his wife that he was leaving for a business meeting in Richmond, and he never came back. Jaffa working under orders from Gerak had come to Earth in search of Ba'al, who had taken control of Farrow-Marshall. Although Ba'al eluded them, the Jaffa captured Jameson instead near Edison, and brought him back to Dakara where be became Gerak's prisoner. On Dakara, Jameson was chained in a cell and tortured by Yat'Yir using a Goa'uld torture device until he eventually revealed Ba'al's whereabouts and the location of several of his various shelters on Earth. Gerak used the information to capture and execute one of Ba'al's clones. It is unlikely that Alex Jameson survived.

Portrayed by: Ken Dresen

Cross Reference: Ba'al, Farrow-Marshall, Gerak, Sheila Jameson, Charlotte Mayfield, Trust, Yat'Yir

Episode Reference: Ex Deus Machina