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The Jaffa Yat'Yir wears the tattoo of Montu and had once served under Gerak, Montu's First Prime. Following the defeat of the Goa'uld at Dakara, Yat'Yir remained closely associated with the former First Prime, and when Gerak became the leader of the new Jaffa Nation as the head of the High Council, Yat'Yir also served as a member of the High Council and as Gerak's personal aide and military commander. He accompanied Gerak to the SGC to meet with Landry, and he shared Gerak's mistrust of the Tauri. He led the search for Ba'al on Earth, capturing and torturing Alex Jameson for information and commanding Gerak's mothership from which the attack was launched. Although he hoped to avoid a battle, he refused to withdraw from his position behind the moon, and he insisted that the Jaffa were past the point of cooperating with the Tauri in the search for Ba'al. When a Prior brought Origin to Dakara, Yat'Yir considered the Book of Origin to be stories of morality and righteousness meant to fill a hopeless soul rather than a reason for abandoning the traditions of the Jaffa, and he questioned Gerak's blind faith in the Ori. Nevertheless, he supported Gerak's proposal to embrace Origin, declaring before the Council, "If our brothers refuse to accept Origin into their hearts, then they seal their own fate. We cannot turn our backs on our own salvation because of indecisiveness."

Portrayed by: Gardiner Millar

Cross Reference: Gerak, Jaffa, Jaffa High Council, Alex Jameson

Episode Reference: Origin, Ex Deus Machina, The Fourth Horseman, Stronghold