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Westminster Boiler & Tank Company

The Trust has several known safehouses in the Colorado Springs area. Among them is a warehouse identified as Westminster Boiler & Tank Company, Ltd. When Trust operatives required a translation for the command code to the alkesh left behind in orbit by Osiris, Hoskins and Jennings abducted Daniel and Krista, Teal'c's new neighbor, and they were brought to the Westminster Boiler & Tank Company warehouse for questioning. They threatened to kill Krista if Daniel did not cooperate, and when he complied and provided the translation, the Trust operatives removed all evidence and beamed up to the alkesh, just as SWAT teams stormed the building.

When Vala was abducted by operatives of the Trust, she was also brought to the Westminster Boiler & Tank Company warehouse. There she was strapped to a gurney and subjected to Goa'uld memory technology by Athena, who intended to probe her subconscious for clues to the location of the Clava Thessara Infinitas. Five known Trust safehouses were stormed by SG teams in an attempt to rescue her. Four were empty, but a shootout ensued at the location where Vala was being held. A power surge from a zat gun caused Vala's memory to be erased, but she escaped during the firefight. The building had been rigged to blow if it were stormed, and when the warehouse exploded, all of SG-15 and three members of the local team were killed in the blast. Later, 12 victims of the raid were identified. Among the Trust operatives at the location, only Weaver survived for questioning.

Location: Westminster Boiler & Tank Company, Ltd., New Westminster

Cross Reference: Trust

Episode Reference: Affinity, Memento Mori