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Brian Vogler

Brian Vogler was Alec Colson's business partner. They had been best friends since childhood, Vogler the pragmatist to balance Colson's idealism. Vogler realized that Colson Industries was overextended, and he urgently pleaded with Colson to use caution, both in his business decisions and in his decision to go public with his belief in the existence of alien life. His warnings went unheeded, however, and to keep the company afloat, Vogler doctored the books, which left him vulnerable to blackmail by the Trust. Colson Industries was investigated by the FCC for securities fraud, and the business empire fell to financial ruin overnight. Vogler agreed to cooperate with the SGC and Agent Barrett of the NID to expose the members of the Trust who were responsible, but he feared for the safety of his family, and he was later found dead in his bathroom, having hanged himself.

Portrayed by: Tom O'Brien

Cross Reference: Alec Colson, Trust

Episode Reference: Covenant