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Martin Lloyd and four compatriots fled their home planet and settled on Earth in Montana, taking human names including Peter, Ted, and Bob. Bob maintained surveillance on Martin's home, and when SG-1 searched the house, he used a remote thermoscan on Teal'c to determine that he was not human. When Martin pursued a career in Hollywood, Bob went under cover on the set of "Wormhole X-treme!" as a production assistant named Steve Austin. Carter and Daniel tried to trail him to his apartment, but he eluded them and led them instead to the warehouse being used as a base of operations by the NID. Martin chose to remain on Earth, but his friends, pursued by the NID, chose to leave Earth in their spaceship.

Portrayed by: Mar Andersons

Cross Reference: Martin Lloyd, Martin Lloyd's Homeworld, Martin Lloyd's Spaceship, Peter Tanner, Ted

Episode Reference: Point of No Return, Wormhole X-treme!