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Martin Lloyd's Spaceship

The people of Martin Lloyd's homeworld were capable of space travel and had created enormous interstellar ships of unique design. The ship, roughly oval in shape, is capable of rotating its outer section by 90° when preparing to launch or depart. Although it is capable of entering the atmosphere, it does not need to land in order for passengers to board. A transportation beam makes it possible to instantly transfer to and from the ship. The enormous ship also uses escape pods, smaller craft capable of holding four to five passengers, for landing on a planet's surface while the ship remains in orbit. The unmanned ship can also be controlled remotely by a small hand-held mobile computing device.

When Martin Lloyd and his compatriots left their homeworld in search of allies to help defend them against the Goa'uld, they traveled to Earth in the spaceship and chose to remain as deserters. They used the escape pod to land on Earth and buried the pod in the woods. Then they used the remote control to send their spaceship out of Earth's orbit and to leave it on a timer as a sort of backup in case things didn't work as they had planned. As targets of the NID, Martin's friends chose to leave Earth, and they sought the mobile computing device in Martin's possession so that they would control the approaching ship and make their escape. Martin, however, had found a job in Hollywood, and the device had become a prop in his science fiction television production. Once the device was retrieved, Martin's friends beamed aboard their ship as it hovered above Earth's surface as an unexpected cameo in "Wormhole X-treme!", and they left Earth, as Martin chose to stay behind.

Cross Reference: Bob, Martin Lloyd, Martin Lloyd's Homeworld, Peter Tanner, Ted

Episode Reference: Wormhole X-treme!