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Wormhole X-treme!

"Wormhole X-treme!" was a cable television series that was sold to a Hollywood studio by Martin Lloyd, who based the screenplay on his vague recollections of Stargate Command and SG-1, and who served as the show's creative consultant. The production had been permitted by the Air Force because of plausible deniability and because of the limited exposure of cable television programming. O'Neill served undercover temporarily as the new Air Force technical advisor while investigating Martin's involvement in the project. The series starred Nick Marlowe as Colonel Danning, Raymond Gunne as Dr. Levant, Yolanda Reese as Stacy Monroe, and Doug Anderson as Grell the Robot.

From the pilot episode, the show suffered from bad ratings, and it lasted only three episodes before it was canceled. However, the series allegedly performed well on DVD, and it was picked up as a television movie. Once again, the fictionalized albeit slightly ridiculous version of Stargate Command provided an excellent cover for the real thing in the event of a security leak, and General O'Neill specifically requested that SG-1 meet with Martin Lloyd to give notes on the script and to make sure that the Air Force was being properly represented.

Suggested storylines ranged from popular culture nods including "The Wizard of Oz," "Star Trek," "Mod Squad," "Gilligan's Island," "Farscape," and "Teal'c PI," to zombies, Replicators, marionettes, a Sam/Jack wedding, and the complete destruction of Cheyenne Mountain. The production was plagued by additional problems as well, including budget issues, production concerns, and the lead actor, Nick Marlowe, backing out. At the last minute, Martin received word that the movie was canceled, but that the television series had been picked up again. "Wormhole X-treme!" went back into production with Gavin Marlowe eventually replacing his brother in the role of Colonel Danning, and the series lasted for ten seasons and 200 episodes, earning 7 Saturn Awards as the best cable or syndicated science fiction show. As the show prepared to wrap its 200th episode, it was picked up again as a television movie.

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Episode Reference: Wormhole X-treme!, Citizen Joe, 200