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The director of "Wormhole X-treme!", a cable TV series based on Stargate Command and the SG-1 team, continually demanded "bigger" explosive special effects and had little patience for scientific explanations such as why three shots from a weapon would make aliens vanish, or how things could exist out of phase. The series was canceled after only three episodes, but after a television movie version was green-lighted and canceled, the series was renewed once more and eventually lasted for ten years. The director, who was replaced for the later episodes, bears a striking resemblance to Gavin Marlowe, the actor who stepped in to replace his own brother in the role of Colonel Danning during the show's final two seasons.

Portrayed by: Peter DeLuise*
*Cameo by Peter DeLuise: Director, Writer, Producer

Cross Reference: Gavin Marlowe, Wormhole X-treme!

Episode Reference: Wormhole X-treme!