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Nick Marlowe

"Wormhole X-treme!", a cable television series developed by Martin Lloyd and based on Stargate Command and SG-1, starred Nick Marlowe as Colonel Danning. Colonel Danning was the intrepid leader of the Wormhole team, although it did not say "colonel" on his uniform. The series lasted for only three episodes before it was canceled and picked up as a television movie. However, Marlowe held out for more money, and when the rest of the cast joined him, the movie project was canceled and the series was picked up again. Marlowe and the cast went on to star in the renewed television series, which lasted for ten years, but Nick left the show after eight seasons, and he was replaced by his brother Gavin.

Portrayed by: Michael DeLuise*
*Brother of Peter DeLuise

Cross Reference: Doug Anderson, Raymond Gunne, Gavin Marlowe, Yolanda Reese, Wormhole X-treme!

Episode Reference: Wormhole X-treme!