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Joe Spencer

Joe Spencer, owner of Stylin' Joe's Barber Shop in Indiana, purchased a small stone artifact at a local garage sale. The stone, which had been found at a dig in Egypt, was of Ancient design, and was identical to a stone artifact SG-1 had brought back from P3R-233. The device requires the presence of the Ancient gene in order to be initialized, and it acts as a long-range communication device that allows people to see events over great distances through a sort of psychic connection. Because both O'Neill and Joe Spencer possess the Ancient gene, a connection between the two stones was activated shortly after the mission to P3R-233, and for seven years Joe had visions of SG-1's missions while O'Neill witnessed events in the life of a barber in Indiana.

Joe shared the stories he saw with his wife Sharlene and young son Andy, as well as his coworkers, Bert and Gordie, and nearly every customer and resident in the town. His stories were wildly popular at first, but over the years as popular interest faded and Joe's obsession grew, he began to write the stories down and submit them for publication. The submissions were rejected, and the broadcast of the cable TV series "Wormhole X-treme!" led Joe to consider a lawsuit for the theft of creative property, but the series was cancelled after a single episode. When Joe began to suspect that the events he was witnessing were true, his wife feared for his sanity, and eventually Joe's eccentric behavior led to the loss of his business, his family, and his home. Depressed and desperate, Joe broke into O'Neill's home and confronted him. An investigation at the SGC revealed the explanation for the psychic connection between Joe and O'Neill, and O'Neill later agreed to offer verification to Joe's wife as well.

Portrayed by: Dan Castellaneta

Cross Reference: Ancient Communication Stone, Calvin, Fred, Garage Seller, Gordie Lowe, Jack O'Neill, Passerby, Bert Simmons, Andy Spencer, Sharlene Spencer, Wormhole X-treme!

Episode Reference: Citizen Joe