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Sharlene Spencer

Sharlene, the wife of Joe Spencer, was initially intrigued by the stories her husband told about the intrepid team of SG-1 after his purchase of a small stone artifact, despite her preference for stories that are more about interpersonal relations and a little less to do with things blowing up. At first she believed Joe's creativity was a manifestation of a midlife crisis, but as his obsession grew, she feared he was suffering from manic psychosis combined with grandiose delusions, and she urged him to seek therapy. Eventually she left him and requested a divorce, however, when the nature of Joe's psychic connection to the SGC was finally understood, Joe introduced her to O'Neill, who assured her that her husband's stories were not due to psychotic behavior.

Portrayed by: Deborah Theaker

Cross Reference: Andy Spencer, Joe Spencer

Episode Reference: Citizen Joe