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Lyle Pender

Lyle Pender, a prisoner on Hebridan, had been placed in stasis on the prison ship Seberus to be transported to a penal colony, but the ship encountered an asteroid storm and crashed on P2X-005. When he and his two accomplices, Aden Corso and Tanis Reynard, were removed from stasis, they overpowered the guards and hunted Captain Warrick Finn and his crew. The prisoners told SG-1 that they had been the original crew of the ship, and Pender claimed to be the navigator of the Seberus. When the deception was discovered, Pender and his accomplices tried to escape through the stargate, but they were captured on Earth, returned to transport stasis, and sent on to the penal colony.

Portrayed by: David Paetkau

Cross Reference: Aden Corso, Warrick Finn, Hebridan, Hebridans, P2X-005, Tanis Reynard, Seberus

Episode Reference: Forsaken