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The Other Guys

06.08 Episode 118 (#P608)
Airdate: August 2, 2002

SG-1 accompanies three scientists, Drs. Felger, Coombs, and Meyers, as they study ring technology on an apparently long-abandoned planet. When they receive an urgent message from the SGC, O'Neill orders Felger to return to Earth if trouble arises, and SG-1 leaves the scientists behind to investigate. However, Dr. Felger, who idolizes SG-1, disobeys orders and follows the team, only to witness their capture by enemy Jaffa. Certain that his heroes need his help, an enthusiastic Felger is determined to mount a rescue mission. Dragging a reluctant Coombs with him, Felger rings aboard the mothership and finds SG-1 in a holding cell.

O'Neill is furious, and explains to the bewildered Felger that SG-1 had allowed themselves to be captured as part of a secret mission to make contact with Khonsu, a Tok'ra spy masquerading as a minor Goa'uld, who has vital information about Anubis. En route to Khonsu's planet, SG-1 is contacted by Khonsu's Jaffa, but as Felger and Coombs wait in hiding, they witness the murder of those Jaffa by forces loyal to Khonsu's First Prime, Herak. Realizing they are in danger of discovery, the scientists disguise themselves as Jaffa and ring down to the pyramid on the planet to warn SG-1.

Herak reveals Khonsu's treachery as a spy, and kills him before taking command of his forces and imprisoning SG-1 once again. However, Felger and Coombs make their way to the control room of the pyramid and disable the force field that is holding SG-1. Together they must fight their way through waiting Jaffa, and rescue a terrified Coombs who has become trapped within the pyramid, before finally making their way back to the stargate. Once safely back on Earth, Felger and Coombs are awarded the Air Force Civilian Award for Valor for their bravery in rescuing SG-1… as Felger is roused from his daydream.

Written by: Damian Kindler
Directed by: Martin Wood

Guest Starring: Patrick McKenna as Dr. Jay Felger, John Billingsley as Dr. Simon Coombs, Adam Harrington as Khonsu, Michael Adamthwaite as Herak, Gary Jones as Technician, Martin Sims as Dol'ok, Randy Schooley as Meyers, Michael Daingerfield as Big Jaffa

Reference: Simon Coombs, Dol'ok, Jay Felger, Herak, Khonsu, Meyers, Naquadah Generator, Ring Transporter, Staff Cannon, Torture Device, Major Wood


Destinations & Inhabitants

Abandoned World

Destinations & Inhabitants

Khonsu's Planet

Destinations & Inhabitants



  • Jay Felger is a lecturer in residence at MIT with four post-graduate degrees. He idolizes SG-1. Simon Coombs is a professor of applied math at Yale. He has a Vespa and two cats, and is a huge fan of Star Trek.
  • Khonsu had collected vital information on how and where Anubis is getting his new technology. Her'ak, First Prime of Lord Khonsu of Amon Shek, revealed Khonsu's true identity as a Tok'ra operative and killed him, taking command in the name of the one true god, Anubis.
  • The award ceremony was to present the Air Force Civilian Award for Valor, for bravery in the face of grave danger.


  • I believe the Canucks of Vancouver are superior warriors. [Teal'c]
    Canucks, eh? So, lunch? [O'Neill]
  • But then you guys can get right back to saving the world again... for the seventh time. [Felger]
    Eighth. [Teal'c]
    What, you're counting? [O'Neill]
  • Oh, please. They're just tired of your butt-snorkeling! [Coombs]
  • At least my heroes exist. If this was a Trek convention, you'd be all dressed up like a Klingon. [Felger]
    Vulcan, Felger, Vulcan! And I don't know how you can call youself a scientist and not worship at the altar of Roddenberry! [Coombs]
  • Think about it, Simon. What would Colonel O'Neill do if he was here now? [Felger]
    You want me to shoot you? [Coombs]
  • Carter, be honest. The resumé gag... [O'Neill]
    It needs work, O'Neill. [Teal'c]
  • You know what an SG team's greatest ally is? An SG team! [Coombs]
  • Why look, everybody! He's got Coombs with him! [O'Neill]
  • We're on a mission, you nit! [O'Neill]
  • So, when are we going to meet this old "Ginsu" guy? [O'Neill]
  • Oh, come on, Felger. We might as well be wearing red shirts! [Coombs]
  • Dead? Completely dead or semi-dead? You guys seem to have a grey area in that regard. [O'Neill]
  • Are you calling us fruit? [O'Neill]
  • No matter what you have endured, you have never experienced the likes of what Anubis is capable of. [Her'ak]
    You ended that sentence with a preposition. Bastard. [O'Neill]
  • I can't believe that I'm here, with you, like this. [Felger]
    Yeah, I'm having the same problem. [O'Neill]


  • Oy: 1
  • O'Neill calls Teal'c "T": 1
  • Martin Wood cameo: with Siler videotaping the award ceremony
  • Injuries:
    • O'Neill: shot by a zat and tortured with a Goa'uld torture device
    • Teal'c: shot by a zat
  • Popular Culture References:
    • Mystery Men
      • "The Other Guys"
    • Star Trek
      • If this was a Trek convention, you'd be all dressed up like a Klingon.
      • Vulcan! And I don't know how you can call youself a scientist and not worship at the altar of Roddenberry!
      • Something to do with a tachyon emitter?
      • We might as well be wearing red shirts!
    • Infomercial reference
      • So, when are we going to meet this old "Ginsu" guy?