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Herak had been the First Prime of Lord Khonsu of Amon Shek, and he bore the gold tattoo of a moon disk, the emblem of Khonsu, while in his service. He was ordered to capture SG-1 alive and bring them before Khonsu. However, when he discovered Khonsu's true identity as an undercover Tok'ra operative, Herak killed Khonsu and took command of his forces and his prisoners in the name of the one true god, Anubis. In return, he rose to the position of First Prime of Anubis, and he took on the gold tattoo of Anubis's jackal.

Once again Herak encountered SG-1 during the battle for Abydos. There he confronted O'Neill and demanded possession of the Eye of Ra, which he delivered to his master, allowing Anubis to realize the full power of his superweapon. After the weapon was destroyed by SG-1, Herak accompanied Anubis to Kelowna in search of naquadria technology. He arranged with Commander Hale to spare Kelowna in exchange for a valuable data crystal, but once the crystal was in his possession, he killed Commander Hale with his staff weapon. He escaped through the stargate during the attack of Ba'al's forces above Kelowna, and was once again at Anubis's side when his fleet launched an attack against Earth. He was presumed killed when Anubis's fleet was destroyed by the Ancient defense weapon in the battle over Antarctica.

Portrayed by: Michael Adamthwaite

Cross Reference: Anubis, Hale, Khonsu

Episode Reference: The Other Guys, Full Circle, Fallen, Homecoming, Lost City