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Commander Hale had been the Undersecretary for Military Appropriations on Kelowna, and rose to the position of Chairman of the Kelownan Defense Council. The lab accident which took Daniel's life had jeopardized relations with Kelowna, however, with his planet on the brink of war, Hale contacted the SGC and was a member of the Kelownan delegation requesting to reestablish trade relations with Earth. The Kelownans hoped to trade naquadria for military technology, but their request was denied by the Pentagon.

When Anubis launched an attack against the planet and killed First Minister Valis, Commander Hale became the acting leader of Kelowna. However, he turned over the naquadria to Anubis, and attempted to negotiate a deal with Herak to provide the data crystal that Anubis sought in exchange for sparing Kelowna and turning to Tirania or the Andari Federation as a source of naquadria. Hale turned over the crystal as promised, and Herak killed him with a staff weapon blast.

Portrayed by: Doug Abrahams

Cross Reference: Dreylock, Herak, Kelowna, Dr. Kieran, Valis

Episode Reference: Shadow Play, Homecoming