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First Minister Valis of Kelowna had hoped to reestablish trade relations with Earth despite the tense relationship following the government cover-up of the incident which took Daniel's life. He presided over negotiations with SG-1 in which Kelowna requested military technology in exchange for naquadria, however the request was turned down by the Pentagon. Valis was aware of the increasingly erratic behavior of Dr. Kieran and other scientists from the Naquadria Project, and he made a personal request to Jonas to return to Kelowna and watch over his friend and mentor in return for a full pardon for his defection and reinstatement into his position at the Academy. However, Jonas chose to remain with SG-1, and when Dr. Kieran's condition worsened, Valis released him for care on Earth. When Anubis launched an attack against Kelowna, First Minister Valis was captured and executed.

Portrayed by: Joel Swetow

Cross Reference: Dreylock, Hale, Kelowna, Dr. Kieran

Episode Reference: Shadow Play