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Jay Felger

Dr. Jay Felger is a research scientist who has worked with the SGC. He is a lecturer in residence at MIT, holds four post-graduate degrees, and is able to read Goa'uld. Despite his brilliant scientific mind, Felger is impulsive, clumsy, and socially inept, with a history of regrettable accidents including an unfortunate incident with a midterm lab in Mr. Hoffman's Chemistry 201 class at Grover Cleveland High School which resulted in a fire and the professor's singed eyebrows.

Yearning for heroic adventures, Felger devotedly idolizes O'Neill and SG-1, and is utterly infatuated with Carter. On a joint mission with SG-1 to study the ruins of a ring transporter on an abandoned desert planet, SG-1 was captured by the Goa'uld, and Felger convinced a reluctant fellow scientist, Simon Coombs, to join him on an unauthorized two-man rescue mission, only to require rescuing himself. In his daydream, his efforts were awarded with the Air Force Civilian Award for Valor, for bravery in the face of grave danger.

At the SGC, Felger and his research assistant, Chloe, developed an energy-based plasma weapon, designed to replace the missiles on the X-303, which fired a focused plasma pulse similar to a photon torpedo. However, the test of the weapon at the base caused an overload and power failure, and Felger was threatened with termination. Given one last chance, he collaborated with Carter and Chloe to develop Avenger, a computer virus designed to target and shut down a specific stargate. However, the entire gate network shut down instead, and Felger only redeemed himself after discovering and correcting Ba'al's modification of the virus that was responsible, then bringing the system back online.

Portrayed by: Patrick McKenna

Cross Reference: Automatic Correlative Update, Avenger, Chloe, Simon Coombs, Khonsu, Meyers, Plasma Weapon

Episode Reference: The Other Guys, Avenger 2.0