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The Other Side

04.02 Episode 68 (#6705)
Airdate: July 7, 2000

An unexpected offworld transmission reaches the SGC from Alar, leader of the planet Euronda. The Eurondans are kindred of Earth, but their planet is devastated by war, and they are on the verge of annihilation. Desperate to save his people, Alar offers advanced Eurondan technology in return for aid from Earth, and SG-1 travels to the planet on a diplomatic mission to negotiate an agreement. There they find a desperate people, living for generations in a maze of underground bunkers from which they are fighting a losing battle against an unseen Enemy on the surface.

The Eurondans are a technologically advanced people, and they have much to offer Earth. Their nuclear fusion reactors, advanced weapons systems, and medicine are far ahead of anything on Earth, and they are willing to share all of it in exchange for humanitarian aid and a supply of heavy water which will power their generators. O'Neill willingly agrees to the exchange, but Daniel is suspicious of the Eurondan agenda, and he confronts O'Neill with is doubts. Clues begin to suggest that the Eurondans are concealing something.

An investigation reveals disturbing information. The unseen Enemy is the focus of Eurondan hatred because they reproduce with no regard for genetic purity. The Eurondans themselves were the aggressors who initiated the war by deliberately poisoning the planet's surface in an attempt at racial genocide. Horrified by their discovery, SG-1 turns against the Eurondans and retracts their agreement. As the defense shields begin to crumble, they depart through the stargate, leaving the dying Eurondans to their fate.

Written by: Brad Wright
Directed by: Peter DeLuise

Guest Starring: Rene Auberjonois as Alar, Anne Marie Loder as Farrell, Gary Jones as Technician, Dan Shea as Sergeant Siler, Stephen Park as Controller, Kyle Cassie as Eurondan Soldier, Kris Keeler as Zombie Pilot Ollan

Reference: Aero-Fighter Weapons System, Alar, Beta-Cantin, Breeders, Euronda, Eurondans, Farrell, SF Guard, Sergeant Siler, Stasis


Destinations & Inhabitants


Destinations & Inhabitants



  • The Eurondans claim they are kindred of Earth. They discovered the stargate when digging the underground facility and interpreted the writings indicating Earth ancestry.
  • The Eurondans co-existed for centuries with "The Enemy", which now controls most of the land mass of the planet. They refer to the enemy as "Breeders", who reproduce with no regard for genetic purity. Civil war began when the Eurondans built the underground facility and used gas pipes from underground tanks to poison the planet's surface to exterminate the Breeders. Alar's father was among the leadership responsible for beginning the war.
  • The trade agreement provided for Eurondan technology, including nuclear fusion reactors, defense field generators, aero-fighter weapons system, statis devices, and medicine, in exchange for deuterium oxide fuel from heavy water to power the controlled fusion generators.
  • Beta-cantin is a powerful Eurondan drug that assures an immediate recovery.
  • The aero-fighter weapons system uses direct neural interface for targeting and vectoring. Years of exposure can be damaging.
  • The unnamed technician is wearing a name tag as Sergeant Davis.
  • Daniel's grandfather is Dutch.
  • Coordinates for Euronda: 30-27-9-7-18-16


  • Didn't I order you to get a life? [O'Neill]
  • You've got that look. [O'Neill]
    To which look are you referring, O'Neill? [Teal'c]
    The one that says, "I have misgivings about this mission, but deep down I know we're doing the right thing"? [Daniel]
    No, the other one. [O'Neill]
    Oh... [Daniel]
  • Their whole world is in flames, and we're offering gasoline! How is that help? [Daniel]
    We are, in fact, offering water. [Teal'c]
  • So, what's your impression of Alar? [O'Neill]
    That he is concealing something. [Teal'c]
    Like what? [O'Neill]
    I am unsure. He is concealing it. [Teal'c]


  • For crying out loud: 1
  • Peter DeLuise cameo: SGC airman yelling "Move, move, move, move!"