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The Eurondans claim they are kindred of Earth. For centuries they co-existed on Euronda with their enemy, to whom they refer as "Breeders." Civil war began when the enemy had multiplied to control most of the land mass of the planet. Alar's father was among the Eurondan leadership who initiated the building of an underground facility and the use of gas pipes from underground tanks to poison the planet's surface as a military tactic to exterminate the Breeders. Most of the cities became unlivable, and thousands of Eurondans, unable to be supported in the underground bunkers, were placed in stasis chambers until the final victory.

After many years of bitter fighting, the Eurondans discovered the stargate in an underground chamber and interpreted the writings indicating an Earth ancestry. They sought help from Earth by offering to trade their advanced technology, including nuclear fusion reactors, defense field generators, aero-fighter weapons systems, stasis devices, and medicines such as beta-cantin, in exchange for deuterium oxide fuel from heavy water to power their controlled fusion generators. They were denied due to their racist policies, and allowed to perish as their defenses crumbled.

Cross Reference: Aero-Fighter Weapons System, Alar, Beta-Cantin, Breeders, Euronda, Farrell, Stasis

Episode Reference: The Other Side